CBL is on Patreon!

CBL has a Patreon page which can be found at http://www.patreon.com/rhw. Even though we will still announce major news about CBL on our website and Facebook page, we will be more active on Patreon by posting more frequently there as to what we are doing. This will include status updates, character artwork & builds, and surveys.

If you do decide to become one of our Patreon supporters, you will be able to to get our pre-generated characters & artwork at a cheaper cost than our normal retail prices and you can leave us feedback on anything we post there. Also, you will have access to characters and alternate character artwork that will only be available to our Patreon supporters. Furthermore, you will receive all character updates and future character conversions to other RPGs that you got through Patreon for free!

Lastly, we do want to mention that by supporting us through Patreon, you will not be paying us anything until we release the final retail versions of our characters and you can cancel at any time if you are not satisfied with our gaming product.

Hope to see you there!

CBL Team


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